Meet the Robot Masters

Robot Masters are a series of robots made by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily in the G1 Mega-Transformers (comic series). Originally a combined effort to create a peaceful, robot race, the two doctors created six Robot Masters that would make everyday-jobs easier. However, when Dr. Wily wanted to create wartime-robot and Dr. Light disagreed on it, Dr. Wily hacked the six Robot Masters. Eventually, when Megaman had defeated the six and returned them back to normal, Wily began to create his own Robot Masters.

The Robot Masters typically appeared chronologically in the order of their games. The original six Robot Masters from G1 Mega-Transformers appeared in the first arc, Let the Games Begin. However, after The Return of Dr. Wily, several G1 Mega-Transformers Robot Masters appeared out of order, such as Pharaohman.


Despite being secondary characters to the comics, many Robot Masters have been in the comics. Here is a list of Robot Masters, with the game they originally appeared on by the side and their alignment.


  • Concrete Man (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers 9)
  • Cutman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Gutsman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Blasterman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Iceman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Torchan (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Elecman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Timeman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers: Powered Up)
  • Megaman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Oilman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers: Powered Up)
  • Pharaoh Man (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers 4)
  • Roll (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers)
  • Quakewoman (Hero, Exclusive to comic series)
  • Splashwoman (Hero, G1 Mega-Transformers 9)



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each Robot Masters has a certain ability and special power that goes with their theme. For example, Torchman has the special weapon of Fire Storm. With each Robot Master, their is a weakness as well. Torchman's weakness is water, so the Bubble Shot would be very effective on him.

Notes & TriviaEdit

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