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Bass (バス, Basu), is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily to imitate Mega Man's design, along with Treble, an imitation of Rush's design. He was created based on a research conducted on Mega Man with the intention of surpassing his power and made his debut sometime during or before the events of G1 Mega-Transformers #20. Bass is the prominent anti-hero of the classic series, and his goal is to become the most powerful robot in existence. Although Bass and Mega Man are rivals, at times they team up to take down mutual enemies of the two. Despite being created by Dr. Wily, Bass frequently rebels against his creator, usually for his own purposes.

Appearance & BiographyEdit

Voice actor: Jack Evans (English), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)

Bass' design was made in mind to be a polar opposite of Megaman's. Bass is adorned in black armor with gold lining. On his chest there is a triangular blue crystal. He has purple stripes running down from his eyes and extending down his cheeks. He has distinct red eyes(usually with pink retinas). His helmet features large fins that resemble a cobra, giving him a slightly taller appearance than that of his rivals, and a cross-shaped blue jewel on the forehead. Concept art of Bass without his helmet drawn by Hitoshi Ariga shows him with dark, wild hair featuring a widow's peak (see gallery).



Megaman's personality seems to stem from his creator, Dr. Light, whose intention may have been to design Rock based on his own interpretation of a real boy as if it were his very own son. Rock, who would later be upgraded into The Super Fighting Robot known as Megaman, demonstrates a wide range of emotions, similar to that of a prepubescent boy, not typical of other robots, thus making him unique.

Megaman's primarily extremely courageous and just, choosing to become Megaman and face the threat Wily posed because he wanted to help and do the right thing. This said he's also a pacifist and he always tried to find a alternative to violence. This trait was also, to a degree, it was shown where he questioned Bass as to why they must fight. Along with these traits he's also kind, generous and polite.

However Wily's frequent false repentances have become a constant frustration to Megaman who appears to developing less patience with him, something that came to a head in the course of where he contemplated killing him, though ultimately decided against it. He further pointed out Wily's previous false repentances, showing his diminishing patience, however he nonetheless assists him when he becomes ill. herber daddy







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